Friday, December 21, 2012

Pressure Sensitive Safety Mats

Faztek expands electronic safety options with Pressure Sensitive Safety Mats.

Category 3 Safety Rating!


Stamping Presses


Welding Booths

Automated Lines

Robot Cells

Transfer Equipment

Assembly Machines

Perimeter Guarding

Features of the Safety Light Curtains:

Switch Type: 4 wire pressure sensitive safety mat

Function: Normally open, momentary action

Voltage: 5 - 30 VAC or VDC

Current: 500 milliamps max.

Cable: One 22/4 AWG, 6 feet

Cable location: Top left, Long Side

Activation Force: ~ 15lbs

Dielectric Resistance: 750 VAC - 1 minute

Operating Temp: 0 to 122 F (-18 to 50 C)

Environmental Rating: IP67

Other products, lengths, accessories available upon request.


  1. Very interesting piece of equipment. I wonder how it works though. I mean, I want to know the mechanics before deciding to purchase one.


  2. These safety mattings are made of compressed rubber from recycled tires. They are generally about two inches thick, and the material is more durable than mulch. Some manufacturers produce playground safety mats adapted to local weather conditions such as cold and hot temperatures. In areas with high rainfall, they have more drainage holes to whisk the water away.